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What we do

Mediation Services
Family and Group Facilitation
Small Business Transitions

Mediation is an idea whose time has come.  Positive resolution of conflict includes all involved in the conflict finding a mutually acceptable resolution to the problem. 

Conflict often arises during a time of transition; for families, this may be divorce, separation, eldercare issues, sibling problems or probate issues.  Mediation can help maintain family relationships.

When businesses are starting, passing to new owners, or dissolving, mediation can help solve problems, reduce conflict and increase understanding between business partners.

Parenting Coordination
School Mediation
Mediation Training

There are times during or after divorce or separation when couples need extra help in making parenting decisions.  Parenting coordination and co-parent counseling can help.  

Children spend about a third of their day in school.  We have been mediating and facilitating issues including behavior concerns, attendance, bullying, different learners and IEP/ARC meetings for 10+ years.

Interested in learning more about mediation?  Our trainings are appropriate for people of all professions.  You can learn how to effectively help others, and how to mediate your own conflicts.

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