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Mediation Training

Partners In Mediation offers Basic Mediation Training, Divorce and Family Mediation Training, General Civil Mediation Training and various trainings and workshops throughout the year.
Upcoming Workshops
Training Seminars for Mediators

Our mediation training continues to be provided online live via Zoom.  In order to successfully complete an online training, you must

  1.  have a stable internet connection.

  2.  be present throughout the training.

  3.  be located in a place where you can be free of   interruption and distraction.

  4.  take a technology hiatus from email, phone   and other tech activities.

  5.  log-in at least 5 minutes prior to the start of   each session to confirm your connection,   audio and video.

  6.  devote your attention to the material being   presented.

  7.  and participate in the discussions, exercises   and role plays that are a critical element to   your learning.

We are also available to design trainings and workshops to meet the needs of your organization.


Basic Mediation

Family and Divorce Mediation

Civil Mediation

Domestic Abuse Issues in Mediation

One Day Trainings

Trauma Survivors Workshop

Domestic Abuse Workshop

High Conflict Clients

Advanced mediation techniques

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