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Divorce - An arm and a leg?

I heard a guy say the following: “Love is grand, and divorce is a hundred grand.”

That may be an exaggeration, but there is little doubt that ending a marriage is an enormous drain on one’s resources – financial, emotional, health, time, and many others.

What if you could use a process to manage the disputes that arise? What if you could talk with your spouse rather than do battle? What if you could walk away from the table if you didn’t like what you saw or heard, and rehuddle with your advisors to call a new play?

All of this is possible in mediation – a dispute resolution process used frequently in divorce/separation situations that gives all the power to the two people who have to live with the decisions - reached by agreement. Costs are managed, because you agree on the number of sessions and their length. Rather than getting mired down in a war of attrition, where each of you are forced by the adversarial legal system into trying to destroy the other, you can spend your emotional energies crafting a future you can both live with. Rather than missing work for court hearings, you can schedule mediation sessions at your mutual convenience. Rather than the sense of helplessness you feel when someone else holds all the power over your future, you can sleep well at night knowing that you control your destiny.

If you are facing separation or divorce, call a mediator, get the information you need to decide if mediation is a better option for you and your family. It only takes a few minutes, and may be the best call you make this year.


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