What is mediation?

Mediation is a confidential conversation between individuals, groups or organizations who are in conflict, facilitated by an impartial third party.   


The mediator is a  professional skilled in helping people in dispute communicate more effectively about their interests, and guiding them to form a resolution that meets as many of those interests as possible.


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what we do

With offices located in Blue Ash, Cheviot, Mason, West Chester, Anderson and Tri-County, Ohio and Florence, Kentucky, Partners in Mediation, Inc. provides a wide variety of services to individuals, groups and organizations, including:

  • family and divorce mediation

  • parenting (custody) mediation for divorced or never married parents

  • small business formation, succession and dissolution

  • general civil mediation

  • school issues, including truancy and students with special needs

  • group facilitation

  • family meetings

  • parenting coordination

  • eldercare mediation

  • mediation trainings

Upcoming Events

2021 Training Schedule

Until further notice, all trainings will be presented virtually and live.  Once in-person training resumes, all trainings will be presented at our Blue Ash location, 10979 Reed Hartman Highway, unless otherwise indicated.


Basic Mediation Training 

May 17 & 18

Sept. 9 & 10

Dec. 2 & 3


Divorce Mediation Training 

June 7, 8, 9, 14 & 15

Sept. 27, 28, 29, Oct. 4 & 5


Domestic Abuse Issues in Mediation

July 22 & 23

Nov. 4 & 5

Civil Mediation Training 

This training has been cancelled.  

why mediate?
Benefits of Mediation:


  • Less costly both financially and emotionally

  • Participants determine their own solution to the problem

  • Confidential discussion avoids the public disclosure of private/personal issues

  • Non-adversarial process reduces tensions between disputants

  • Sessions scheduled at the convenience of the participants

  • Participation is voluntary

  • Relationships may be maintained or strengthened