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What is mediation?

Mediation is a confidential conversation between individuals, groups or organizations who are in conflict, facilitated by an impartial third party.   


The mediator is a  professional skilled in helping people in dispute communicate more effectively about their interests, and guiding them to form a resolution that meets as many of those interests as possible.


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what we do

With offices located in Blue Ash, Cheviot, Mason, West Chester, Anderson and Tri-County, Ohio and Florence, Kentucky, Partners in Mediation, Inc. provides a wide variety of services to individuals, groups and organizations, including:

  • family and divorce mediation

  • parenting (custody) mediation for divorced or never married parents

  • small business formation, succession and dissolution

  • general civil mediation

  • school issues, including truancy and students with special needs

  • group facilitation

  • family meetings

  • parenting coordination

  • eldercare mediation

  • mediation trainings

Upcoming Events

2023 Training Schedule

Until further notice, all trainings will be presented live via Zoom.  Please see each training for technical requirements for participation.  


Basic Mediation Training 2023

Dec. 28 & 29


Divorce Mediation Training 

August training cancelled


Domestic Abuse Issues in Mediation

Sept. 28 & 29

Civil Mediation Training

July training cancelled

why mediate?
Benefits of Mediation:


  • Less costly both financially and emotionally

  • Participants determine their own solution to the problem

  • Confidential discussion avoids the public disclosure of private/personal issues

  • Non-adversarial process reduces tensions between disputants

  • Sessions scheduled at the convenience of the participants

  • Participation is voluntary

  • Relationships may be maintained or strengthened

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