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Why Mediate

The Facts about Mediation:

  • Mediation is the use of an impartial person to help parties in conflict make informed decisions while empowering them to find their own solutions to problems.
  • Mediation is a voluntary settlement process based on a win/win concept of dispute resolution.
  • Mediation is less costly, both emotionally and financially, than litigation.
  • Mediation helps the parties understand the problem and each other better.
  • Mediation solves the problem and helps the parties maintain their relationship.
  • Mediation is confidential and avoids public disclosure of problems.
  • Mediation can be completed in less time and with less cost than litigation so that everyone can move on.
  • Mediation is a process which is cooperative and constructive.
  • Mediation is scheduled at your convenience, not at the convenience of the court.
  • Mediation helps you make decisions together about how you will parent your children after divorce or separation.
  • Mediation can help you learn how to effectively communicate with each other about your children in a business-like manner.
  • Mediation allows you to write your own parenting plan specific to your needs and the needs of your children.
  • Mediation helps keep the children out of the middle of the conflict.
  • Mediation helps educate you about how to resolve conflicts in the future.
  • Mediation is being recognized by courts all around the world as a better way to resolve parenting issues.
  • Because you can access mediation quickly, you have a greater opportunity to preserve existing relationships. Problems which are promptly addressed don't have the ability to fester and poison the workplace atmosphere.
  • Mediation allows the people involved in a dispute to sit down, outside the glare of co-workers, to talk about the problem
  • Mediation significantly reduces the amount of time diverted from your business.
  • Mediation allows the individuals involved in a dispute to arrive at solutions that work for them, and can be as creative as they are.
  • Mediation helps co-workers, supervisors, and others involved to increase their level of communication, and consequently their trust.
  • Mediation allows all participants to be treated with respect.
  • Research shows that job satisfaction and commitment to the team goal increases as team members believe their voice is heard within the organization.

  • Mediation helps neighbors solve problems together.
  • Mediation provides a forum for every voice to be heard respectfully and attentively.
  • Mediation is a proven avenue for resolving disputes more quickly, more economically and more completely than traditional civil litigation.
  • Mediation is conducted in a non-adversarial forum which allows people to maintain healthy relationships, thereby keeping the community healthy.
  • Mediation can be scheduled quickly, so that problems can be addressed and resolved expediently.
  • Mediation brings together the stakeholders- administrators, teachers, partners, students- in a positive atmosphere that encourages cooperation, not coercion.
  • Mediation enchances communication between and among groups that may otherwise view each other as hostile.
  • Mediation provides students with a model for conflict resolution, which gives them an important tool for their future.

  • In Mediation, the participants know their costs up front, and can focus on solving the dispute rather than worrying about the litigation expenses.
  • Mediation allows people to maintain their privacy about medical issues by not having them discussed in court.
  • In Mediation, people are encouraged to ask questions to better understand the process and the other person, whereas litigation can be confusing and frustrating for non-attorneys
  • Mediation provides an expediant settlement opportunity and avoids the possiblity of long costly appeals.
  • Mediation allows people to move on and start healing, without centering their lives around an on-going legal battle.
  • Mediation provides buyers, sellers and agents a neutral forum for resolving disputes.
  • Mediation offers a prompt and convenient opportunity to work out problems, and save the deal, even one threatened at the last minute.
  • Mediation occurs in a confidential setting.
  • Mediated settlements are much more likely than court or arbitration decisions to be fulfilled by all parties.

Mediation: An idea who's time has come

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