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Working with Trauma Survivors 

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In this time of increased intentional violence both in our communities and in war zones, in this time of increased unintentional natural violence – tornadoes, hurricanes, flooding, those of us in service professions are presented more frequently than we know with victims of trauma, both emotional and physical.   As mediators, we must be prepared to structure our mediation practice to serve those sent to or requesting mediation services in a safe, open environment and to screen and assess potential clients in order to provide the best possible service.  We must ensure that trauma victims are able to effectively discuss issues in conflict, develop options to resolve them and make informed decisions with good judgment.  

We also offer ongoing mediation consulting.

Working with Trauma Survivors Workshop
Registration : $140.00

Workshop Dates:


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Limited to first fifteen registrants.
7.0 CPEs for Ohio Social Workers, Counselors and MFTs
6.75 CLEs for Ohio attorneys
7.0 CUEs for Kentucky Social Workers, Counselors of MFTs


  • Trauma: Characteristics, Triggers
  • Capacity: Elements needed to mediate successfully
  • Initial Assessment and Ongoing Assessment
  • Structuring the Session to Facilitate the Development of Competency in Mediation
  • Role Play Mediation with Trauma Survivor Roles
  • Terminating the Mediation if Competency is Inadequate For Mediating in Best Interest
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