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About Partners In Mediation, Inc.

Partners in Mediation, Inc. was founded in 1993 in Cincinnati, Ohio and combines the creative talents and professional skills of Barbara Thompson Doll and  Margaret A. Reis.

Partners in Mediation, Inc. opened a second mediation office in Florence, Kentucky in response to growing demand in 1998. We now have mediation offices or facilities in Bue Ash, Mason, Tri-County, Beechmont, West Chester, Cheviot and Florence, Ky.

In addition to our mediation services we offer trainings for mediators, workshops, seminars and presentations on:
Basic Mediation Skills
Family/Divorce Mediation
Civil Mediation
Truancy Mediation
Working with Trauma Survivors in Mediation
School/Peer Mediation
Working with Teens in Mediation
Negotiation Skills
Team Building
Domestic Violence Sensitivity
Parenting Children through Divorce
Conflict Resolution Training for Elementary and Secondary Schools
Anti-Bullying Programs

About the mediators:
We each have over 450 hours of professional mediation training and have built an extensive family mediation practice. We also provide mediation services for to the United States Department of Justice Americans with Disabilities Act Mediation Program, the United States Department of Agriculture Farm Service Agency, the Federal Occupational Health Administration, Ohio Department of Education, Hamilton County Ohio Juvenile Court, Walton-Verona Independant School District Kentucky, Campbell County Kentucky Family Court, Medicare Mediation Services in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana, Hamilton County Domestic Relations Court and the Boone/Gallatin Kentucky Family Court Truancy Mediation Program, which we helped develop.

BARBARA T. DOLL, MSW, LISW is a graduate of the College of Mount Saint Joseph on the Ohio and received her Masters in Social Work from the University of Kentucky. She is a therapist with over twenty five years of experience working with couples and individuals. Barbara has been mediating for fourteen years and is experienced in employment, family and civil mediation.
MARGARET A. REIS, JD, is a graduate of Georgetown University in Washington, DC. with a major in international economics and finance. She received her law degree from The Ohio State University College of Law. She has over fifteen years in family and criminal litigation, and has been mediating full time since 1997. Margaret is experienced in labor, civil,  employment, truancy, education and family mediation.

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